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The Western Golf Association (“WGA”) conducts caddie training and certification sessions in March, April, and May for those interested in becoming a caddie.  These classes offer comprehensive instruction on caddying and providing quality service to golfers. The WGA will certify all caddies, new and experienced once they have completed training and certification. Once certified, caddies can take these skills to golf courses that offer opportunities to caddie, including, but not limited to, Seattle Golf Club.

Golfers at Seattle Golf Club have enjoyed playing golf with a caddie for over a century, essentially since our inception in 1900. Seattle Golf Club is a private golf club and not open to the public. However, members and invited guests are very supportive of utilizing and supporting youth caddies.

Caddying offers an excellent opportunity to learn more about the game of golf, earn money and potentially qualify for the Chick Evans Scholarship for Caddies. The Chick Evans Scholarship for Caddies is a grant that covers full tuition and housing in an Evans Scholarship House and may be renewed up to four years.