History of Seattle Golf Club

The Seattle Golf Club was established on August 8, 1900 with a founding membership of 53 gentlemen and the purpose to "facilitate and encourage the development of the noble game of golf". At the time, the Seattle Golf Club was cradled in a cow pasture north of Gasworks Park on the east side of what is now Stone Way. There were no roads into what was a remote part of the city and so in order to golf, members drove to Lake Union so they could boat across the water to get to a dirt trail north that lead to the golf course.

In 1904, the Seattle Golf Club moved to Laurelhurst (with a grand view of Mount Rainier) where a new nine-hole golf course with grass greens was constructed. Again, there were no roads to Laurelhurst at that time, so members took the Madison Street cable car to Lake Washington. From the lake a boat named "Sunny Jim" took members and caddies to a boat landing below the clubhouse.

In April 1907, a special committee reported the purchase of 155 acres four miles north of Ballard on Richmond Beach Road. And so the current location of the Seattle Golf Club was purchased. 

          Former presidents of Seattle Golf Club E.S. McCord, F.K. Struve, D.H. Moss
            and Josiah Collins
In 1959 H.A. Flaeger, a member of the Seattle Golf Club and historian wrote, "Seattle Golf Club...has carried on the grand traditions of its founders, through two World Wars, through depressions, panics, gasoline rationing, special assessments and prohibition. During all their years the club has been unique in having maintained a spirit of warmth and intimacy throughout the membership that the writer feels certain is unequaled in any social club. Officers, committees and members all have given most generously of their time and abilities in order that Seattle Golf Club shall maintain its lofty position. May that tradition, spirit and lofty position continue forever."

In 2000 a history book commemorated the club's 100th anniversary with the opening statement from the then club president, " 'Respect for tradition.'  This phrase characterizes the pervading spirit of Seattle Golf Club. Today's membership is the fortunate heir to the countless experiences of those who have gone before us. There is such a rich heritage that we may cherish and look up to that I regard it as an immeasurable asset."

Reading the minutes of the board of trustees meetings, both past and present, reveals a continuity of purpose and a sense of care and humanity. Now, as the Seattle Golf Club moves into its second century, it is not difficult to imagine the founding fathers strolling into today's clubhouse and blending seamlessly with today's membership. That is, perhaps, the most fundamental wish the founding members had for the Seattle Golf Club